United Alloy Filler Metals

United Alloy is renowned for its superior welding solutions, combining advanced technology with a legacy of craftsmanship. They offer a broad array of materials, tailored to tackle specific welding challenges in sectors such as construction and industrial manufacturing.


Product Name AWS Specification AWS Classification
Falcon E71T-1C A5.20 E71T-1C
Falcon E71T-9CJ A5.20 E71T-9CJ


Product Name AWS Specification AWS Classification
Falcon E308LT1 A5.22 E308LT1-1
Falcon E316LT1 A5.22 E316LT1-1
Falcon E309LT1 A5.22 E309LT1-1
Falcon E309MoLT1 A5.22 E309LMoT1-1


Product Name AWS Specification AWS Classification
United Alloy ER5356 A5.10 ER5356
United Alloy ER5183 A5.10 ER5183


Bondflex excels in the development of adhesives and sealants for the welding industry, offering solutions that ensure strong, durable bonds. Their products are ideal for a wide range of repair and construction tasks, where performance and longevity are key.



Rialto, an established name in the welding supply industry, provides reliable tools and accessories that support both traditional and innovative welding techniques. They focus on delivering quality and value to welders at all levels.

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Bernard has long been revered for its durable and efficient welding guns and consumables, designed to enhance the welding experience. Their products are built to last and perform in tough industrial environments, offering superb usability and maintenance.

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Since its founding, Weldcraft has been synonymous with excellence in welding, providing top-tier tools and accessories designed for precision. Their product range caters to both professional welders and hobbyists, focusing on control and durability.



Selectarc, established in the welding consumables market, is known for its diverse and high-quality products. They focus on developing specialized electrodes and wires that cater to specific welding challenges in industries like construction and automotive.

Tri Tool

Tri Tool Technologies

Tri Tool Technologies has been a trailblazer in precision machining and welding equipment since its inception. They offer highly specialized tools and services that cater to critical pipeline, construction, and manufacturing tasks, enhancing safety and efficiency.

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Miller has been a cornerstone in the welding industry, known for robust and innovative welding machines and equipment since the 1920s. Their products are designed for both professional and amateur welders, emphasizing user-friendly interfaces and technological advancements.


Fontargen Brazing by voestalpine

Fontargen Brazing by voestalpine provides superior brazing technology with a focus on innovation and reliability. Established in high-demand sectors, they offer advanced brazing solutions designed for exceptional joint integrity in complex assemblies.

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UTP by voestalpine

UTP by voestalpine, with decades of excellence, offers cutting-edge welding consumables and solutions. Renowned for enhancing weld strength and durability, UTP specializes in maintenance, repair, and overlay welding applications across various industries.

Bohler Welding

Bohler Welding

Established as a leader in innovative welding solutions, Bohler Welding delivers precision-engineered consumables and equipment tailored for high-performance applications. Specializing in industrial and advanced material welding, Bohler offers unmatched quality and expertise.